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FLIR T460 Thermal Imaging Camera with 25° Lens


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Flir T460 Thermal Imaging Camera
Flir T460 Thermal Imaging Camera

Sitting at the top of FLIR's T400 series thermal imaging cameras is the FLIR T460 Thermal Camera. Suitable for almost all predictive maintenance and surveying applications (M&E, Industrial, Building and Renewables) the impressive specifications of the FLIR T460 makes this a truly versatile thermal imaging camera. The T460 captures highly detailed thermal images using its 320x240 thermal resolution and provides incredibly accurate temperature data with an accuracy of +/- 1% or 1°C.

UltraMax Technology
With a resolution of 320 x 240, the FLIR T460 includes 76,800 data points in each image. Making a very good image into a great image, the FLIR UltraMax feature effectively doubles the resolution to 640 x 480 and the total pixels to 307,200. UltraMax is a digital superresolution technology that uses the data from a quick burst of images to create a new image with more pixels, greater accuracy, and reduced image noise. Sixteen original images are captured in under half a second. These images are slightly misaligned due to natural human movement, giving extra data points to be used in the resulting UltraMax image. Image bursts are stored on the infrared camera, then downloaded and combined using the included FLIR Tools software for PC or Mac.

MSX Image Enhancement
The FLIR T460 camera includes the popular autofocus function, allowing the user to bring the target into focus quickly, with just the push of a button. For more complex scenes, or for fine tuned adjustments, motorized manual focus is also included. Further clarifying images on the T460 is FLIR’s MSX image enhancement. MSX makes use of the built in digital camera to add visible light details to the thermal image data. This results in an image that looks more like the world as users normally see it, with object edges, patterns, and even text being visible.

FLIR T460 Comes With...
FLIR T460 Thermal Imaging Camera Hard transport case Battery (2 ea.) Battery charger Bluetooth headset Calibration certificate Camera lens cap Downloads brochure FLIR Tools software Memory card Neckstrap Power supply, incl. multi-plugs Printed Getting Started Guide Printed Important Information Guide Service & training brochure Sunshield USB cable User documentation CD-ROM Video cable Warranty extension card

For more information regarding your thermal imaging requirements or to arrange an on-site demonstration of the FLIR T460 Thermal Camera please call 0800 583 4455 to speak to one of our in-house trained thermographers.