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Test and Measurement Promotions and Special Offers

Tektronix MDO3000 Scopes - Special Offer

Purchase a Tektronix MDO3014 / MDO3024 Mixed Domain Oscilloscope and get 25% OFF + 25% OFF any combination of qualifying modules / options.

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Tektronix MDO Scopes - Special Offer - Free Upgrades and Applications

Huge savings on solutions for Embedded Design, Power and IoT applications

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Tektronix MDO4054C Mega Upgrade Offer

Get the Tektronix MDO4054C Oscilloscope with 2 Instrument Upgrades, 10 Application Modules and 5 year warranty for only £9,995 - Was £19,965 - 50% OFF! Limited Stock.

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Tektronix DPO/MSO2000B Special Offer

Purchase a DPO/MSO2024B Oscilloscope and get 20% OFF + a FREE DPO2EMBD (Embedded I2C/SPI Serial Triggering Module).

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Tektronix MDO4KC Mega Upgrade Offer

Get the High Performance Tektronix MDO4000C with 2 Instrument Upgrades, 10 Application Modules and 5 year warranty at a price you won't quite believe! Offer only valid while stocks last.

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GW Instek GDS-3000 Promotion

Receive a FREE Power Analysis and Serial Bus Decoder Option with your purchase of a GDS-3000 Series Digital Storage Oscilloscope.

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Tektronix IsoVu Probe Demo

Book your FREE Tektronix IsoVu™ Technology Demo and receive 10% Discount on your next Tektronix Scope*

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Fluke Calibration 6109A / 7109A Promo

Trade in your Micro-Bath and receive 20% off a 6109A/7109A Portable Calibration Bath

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Fluke Calibration 5128A Promo

Get a Gold Care Plan free with the purchase of a Fluke Calibration 5128A Humidity Calibrator

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Fluke Calibration Field Metrology Wells Promo

Get The Process (-P) Option For Free With 914x Field Metrology Wells And Save 20%

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Fluke Calibration Deadweight Tester Promo

Get 15% off on all Fluke Calibration 3xxx Series Deadweight Testers

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Order a BINDER MKF or MKFT Chamber and Get a FREE BINDER Pure Water System!

Order a BINDER MKF or MKFT Chamber and Get a FREE BINDER Pure Water System!

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Tektronix RSA500 Series Free Trial Promotional Image

Try Tektronix' Revolutionary RSA500 Series Real-time Portable Spectrum Analyzer for FREE for 7 days.

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GW Instek GDS-200/300 Series Special Offer

GW Instek GDS300/200 Series Special Offer - BIG Discounts. GREAT Value - Save over £663!

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Tektronix PA1000 Power Analyzer Special Offer

Tektronix PA1000 Power Analyzer - Now at 30% OFF!

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Education Bench Packages

Purchase an Education Bench Package and receive 25% off the instruments tailored for education. Equip your Teaching Laboratory with the Latest Instruments...for Less

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GW Instek - PSU Series New Price Promo

GW Instek PSU Series Programmable Switching DC Power Supplies - NEW LOWER PRICE - Up to 30% Discount

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Fluke Calibration Promotion

Get up to 30% on the combined price of calibrator and software when buying MET/CAL software (database with 1 license) in addition to a calibrator listed below.

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