Yokogawa DL350 ScopeCorder Promotion - 30% OFF


For a limited time - You can buy a DL350 bundled with a 4 channel 16 bit isolated input module, sampling at 1 MS/s at a massive 30% OFF!

£8,925.00 - £6,247.50

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Complete measurements

  • Lab class accuracy and precision
  • The capacity to record and analyse all the data you need (up to 50 days)
  • Configurable using 18 types of input module
  • Voltage & currents with isolation up to 1000V
  • Temperature, vibration, acceleration and frequency
  • 16 channel voltage and temperature scanners
  • Decode and trend CAN bus, LIN bus or SENT signals

Complete portability

  • Mains, DC or rechargeable battery power
  • Slots for two ScopeCorder input modules
  • Intuitive electrical noise resistant touch screen
  • Analyse the power, harmonics and FFT of 3-phase systems
  • Position and global timing using GPS
  • Vibration resistant

Yokogawa DL350 ScopeCorder

Key Features:

  • A4-sized compact chassis
  • Simultaneous isolated inputs maximum 8-ch (1 MS/s) or 4-ch (100 MS/s),  Scanning inputs maximum 32-ch (10 kS/s) or 16 channels (20 kS/s)
  • Up to 100 Mpoints per module memory, Up to 50 days continuous recording onto SD card
  • AC/DC/Battery operation - not supplied - must be specified separately
  • Choose from 18 types of input module which are compatible with other Yokogawa ScopeCorders
  • Intuitive operation using 8.4-inch touch screen and “DL350 assistant software” which helps to configure settings and to back-up data on-the-spot

What is a ScopeCorder? A ScopeCorder combines the transient capture abilities of an oscilloscope with the long-term recording of a memory recorder. They are typically used in mechatronics and power applications in power utilities and the transportation industry, including automotive and rail applications.

The Yokogawa DL350 ScopeCorder combines in one compact instrument all the measurement and recording capabilities you need when you are away from your office or lab. High-speed signals or long-term recording, ‘quick and simple’ or sophisticated operation, the DL350 provides the flexibility you need when you need it.

Terms and conditions apply. This offer is valid until the end of January 2018. The offer is valid in Europe only.


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Yokogawa DL350 ScopeCorder

Yokogawa DL850EV-DEMO (Ex-Demonstration) Scopecorder with Installed Modules - 40% OFF!

£35,948 £21,568

Achieve New Measurement Capabilities with Higher Speeds, Isolation, Channel Count, and CAN.

The DL850 ScopeCorder Series are modular, waveform recording instruments that can measure voltage, current, strain, acceleration, and other phenomena-- simultaneously. With high speed sampling, high isolation withstand voltage, and multichannel measurements, the DL850 Series offers powerful support in the development, evaluation, and quality control of energy efficient devices.

    • High-speed (up to 100 MS/s), High Resolution (up to 16-bit), Isolated (up to 1kV*1)
    • Multi-channel, up to 128 voltage or 128 logic bits
    • Continuous hard disk recording at 100 kS/s simultaneously on 16 channels*2
    • CAN bus monitoring and trend waveform display (DL850V only)
    • 15 plug-in modules

*1. With the isolated probe (700929 or 701947)
*2. With the /HD0 or /HD1 option

Installed Modules Include:

      • (Q) Power Cord
      • (M2) Memory expansion to 2 GPts
      • (B5) Built-in Printer
      • (HD1) Internal HDD (500GB)
      • (C30) GPS Interface
      • (G2) User-defined Math Function
      • (G5) Power Math Function
      • (P4) Four Probe Power Outputs

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The ScopeCorder Vehicle Edition is designed for engineers working in the automotive and railway industry. A common measurement challenge is to combine measurements of electrical signals, physical performance parameters, indicated by sensors, together with CAN- or LIN-bus data transmitted by the powertrain management system. A ScopeCorder Vehicle Edition addresses this requirement by providing a thorough insight into the dynamic behavior of the electromechanical system. The result is a considerable saving of time compared to other approaches such as analysis on a PC or the use of other software.


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