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Range Voltage (AC)
  1. 600V 1item
Range Voltage (DC)
  1. 600V 1item
Bandwidth Options
  1. 50 MHz 1item
Product Series
  1. Keysight N678x Series 4items
  2. GW Instek GSB-01/02 2items
Max Output Current
  1. 0.5A 1item
  2. 1A 1item
  3. 1.5A 1item
  4. 3A 1item
  5. 5A 1item
  6. 6.25A 1item
  7. 12.5A 1item
  8. 20A 2items
  9. 50A 1item
Max Output Power
  1. 50W 2items
  2. 52.5W 1item
  3. 100W 4items
  4. 105W 1item
  5. 300W 2items
  1. Kern
  2. Amprobe
  3. Fluke
  4. Fluke Calibration
  5. Graphtec
  6. GW Instek
  7. Keithley
  8. Keysight Technologies
  9. Megger
  10. Peli
  11. Pico
  12. Tektronix
  13. Teledyne FLIR
  14. TTi
  15. UNI-T
  16. Wayne Kerr
Trade Approved
  1. Yes 16items

SJ Electronics offers a comprehensive range of test and measurement accessories designed to complement their equipment and provide enhanced functionality for various testing and measurement applications. The product lineup includes a wide variety of accessories such as test leads, probes, connectors, adapters, calibration tools, and more.

These accessories are meticulously designed and manufactured to meet the highest quality standards, ensuring accurate and reliable results. SJ Electronics' range of test and measurement accessories are compatible with a range of instruments and devices, allowing users to customise their setups according to their specific requirements. We offer a variety of options for different measurement tasks, including high-voltage probes, temperature probes, current clamps, and specialty adapters.

With SJ Electronics' selection of test and measurement accessories, professionals and enthusiasts can enhance the precision, efficiency, and versatility of their testing and measurement processes. Whether you need to perform electrical, electronic, or environmental measurements, SJ Electronics has a comprehensive range of accessories to support your needs and help you achieve accurate and reliable results.