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  1. Amprobe ACDC-54NAV


    DC and AC Current Clamp 1000 A (AC/DC) TRMS with Joystick

  2. Amprobe Socket-Check Adapter ADPTR-SCT-UK


    • Output: 4mm safety socket
    • Voltage range: 0 to 120 V AC
    • Frequency range: 50 to 60 Hz
    • Nominal current: 4 A max

  3. Amprobe 35XP-A


    4000 Count 0.5%, Autoranging, 750Vac/1000Vdc, Resitance, Temperature, Frequency, Capacitance, Data Hold, Non-Contact Voltage Detector, Auto Power Off

  4. Amprobe ACD-50NAV


    AC Current Clamp 600 A (AC) TRMS with Joystick

  5. Amprobe 30XR-A


    Manual ranging with non-contact voltage tester

  6. Amprobe 5XP-A


    2000 Count 1%, 27 Manual Ranges, 750Vac/1000Vdc, Resitance, Continuity, Data Hold, Non-Contact Voltage Detector

  7. Amprobe DM78C


    3.5 digit auto ranging, credit card, 0.5%, buzzer

  8. Amprobe AT-3500


    Locates underground energized and de-energized wires, cables and pipes

  9. Amprobe CT235A


    AC/DC current probe 200A/1000A

  10. Amprobe 37XR-A


    Auto ranging True RMS with backlight, component and logic test

  11. Amprobe PM55A


    Automatic Precision Pocket Meter

  12. Amprobe VC221B


    Padded vinyl case, (220-series, 2015, HD-series)

  13. Amprobe 2100-Gamma Two Pole Voltage Tester


    2100-Gamma Voltage and Continuity Tester

    • Voltage Range: 6-1000 V AC/6-1200 V DC
    • Voltage indication-LCD: 6-1000 V AC/6-1200 V DC
    • Data hold function
    • Resistance measurement and low resistance indication
    • Non-contact voltage detection

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