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  1. California Instruments iX Series - AC/DC Power Source with a High Performance Power Analyzer

    The Compact iX Series represents a new generation of AC/DC power sources that address the increasing demands on test equipment to perform additional functions at a lower cost.

  2. Tabor 9100A

    The Model 9100A was designed as a general purpose, wide band and high voltage amplifier however, with specific applications in mind. It’s a single four channel built in a small case size to save space and cost but without compromising bandwidth and signal integrity.

  3. California Instruments CSW Series - High Performance Programmable AC and DC Power Sources

    The CSW is designed for testing today's complex electronics, including avionics, telecommunications and commercial electronics requiring low profile, light weight power supplies.

  4. California Instruments Asterion AC Series - High Performance Programmable AC and DC Power Sources

    Sophisticated technology for delivering high performance, programmable AC and DC power. Sleek design packs maximum power density into a low-profile form factor with an intuitive touch screen interface placing that power at your fingertips.

  5. Tabor 9100

    Model 9100 is a Single-Channel, 2U, half-rack size, bench-top power amplifier designed for signal amplification.

  6. Tabor WX2184C-1

    2.3GS/s Four-Channel Arbitrary Waveform / Function Generator with 32M option

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