Data Acquisition Systems

Data Acquisition Systems

SJ Electronic's stock industry-leading brands renowned for their commitment to innovation, accuracy, and reliability. Their systems offer high-speed sampling rates, wide input ranges, and modular flexibility, allowing users to customise and scale their setups according to specific requirements.

These brands deliver advanced data acquisition systems renowned for their precision and signal integrity, featuring cutting-edge analog-to-digital converters and integrated signal conditioning, ensuring accurate measurements in demanding environments.

Our best-selling products excel in delivering comprehensive data acquisition systems tailored for industrial automation. Their range encompasses high-speed recorders, modular data acquisition units, and network-based solutions that enable seamless integration with plant-wide control systems.

These top brands consistently push the boundaries of data acquisition technology, empowering industries and researchers with the tools they need for efficient and precise data collection.

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  1. Yokogawa DL950 ScopeCorder
    Yokogawa DL950 ScopeCorder
    Special Price £9,380.00 Regular Price £14,000.00

    The DL950 is a unique combination of a mixed signal oscilloscope and portable data acquisition recorder that can be used to capture both high speed transient events and long run trends

    Only a ScopeCorder has the right combination of channel count, input types, triggering, and recording to tackle the job of electromechanical systems development and troubleshooting. With its multiple measurement types, excellent performance, and high reliability, the DL950 ScopeCorder will quickly become the most valued instrument in your lab.

    Highly configurable product - Contact our technical team to discuss pricing.

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