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SJ Electronics offers a comprehensive range of ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) protection products designed to meet the specific needs of industries requiring effective static control measures. The product lineup includes a wide variety of ESD control items, such as wrist straps, foot grounders, ESD mats, ionisation products, bags, labels, and more.

These products are meticulously designed and crafted to minimise the risks associated with static electricity and protect sensitive electronic components from ESD damage. SJ Electronics' range of ESD protection solutions are manufactured to high-quality standards, ensuring reliable performance and compliance with industry regulations.

Whether it's providing personal grounding for personnel, creating a static-safe working environment, or safeguarding electronic components during storage and transportation, SJ Electronics' range of ESD protection products offers the necessary tools to mitigate static discharge and maintain a static-free environment. With their commitment to quality and innovation, SJ Electronics helps businesses implement effective ESD control measures and safeguard their valuable electronic assets.