Floor Mats and Accessories

Floor Mats and Accessories

SJ Electronics offers a wide range of floor mats and accessories designed to provide effective static control solutions in various industries. The product lineup includes a variety of ESD floor mats, grounding cords, grounding snaps, and other accessories to create a static-safe working environment.

SJ Electronics' range of floor mats are constructed with high-quality materials and come in different sizes and configurations to suit different workspaces. These mats provide reliable static dissipation, preventing the accumulation and discharge of static electricity. The grounding cords and snaps ensure a secure connection between the floor mats and grounding points, allowing for effective grounding of personnel and equipment.

SJ Electronics' range of floor mats and accessories are designed for durability and ease of use, enabling businesses to establish a static control system that protects sensitive electronic components and minimises the risks associated with static electricity.

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