Vermason Digital Static Field Meter (Discontinued)

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50597 Features • Portable Electrostatic Meter for ESD Testing of Static Fields An effective problem solving tool that may be used to identify items that are able to be charged • Optical Distance Indicator Ensures accuracy and repeatability • HOLD Button Allows the measurements to be retained for easy reading • Auto-ranging Easy to use and operate; no adjustments • LCD Display Easy to read; no interpretation necessary • Conductive Plate Accessory 50567 Conductive Plate allows the user to measure the discharge time of air ionization equipment • Human Body Model (HBM) Test Fixture Accessory 50553 Personal HBM Test Fixture allows user to approximate electrical charges generated on the human body while walking or moving • Test Kit Upgrade 50566 Test Kit Upgrade includes Charger and Conductive Plate • Made in the United States of America