Wrist Straps and Footwear Testers

Wrist Straps & Footwear Testers

SJ Electronics offers a comprehensive range of wrist straps and footwear testers designed to meet the needs of industries that prioritise electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection. The product lineup includes various models of wrist strap testers and footwear testers, ensuring the safe grounding of personnel and the prevention of static electricity-related incidents.

Wrist strap testers allow for quick and easy verification of the integrity of wrist straps, ensuring they are properly functioning before entering ESD sensitive areas. Footwear testers are designed to check the effectiveness of ESD footwear, ensuring that it provides proper grounding and meets the required standards.

SJ Electronics' range of wrist strap and footwear testers are user-friendly, featuring clear displays and intuitive interfaces for effortless operation. They provide reliable and accurate measurements, allowing for compliance with ESD safety protocols. With the range of wrist straps and footwear testers from SJ Electronics, industries can ensure the protection of sensitive electronic components and maintain a static-safe environment.

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