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  1. FLIR IR Lens 6° with case


    • IR lens 6° + Case
    • Field of view (FOV) 6° x 4.5° (7.5° diagonally)
    • Focal length 70 mm 

  2. FLIR MR176 Imaging Moisture Meter Plus with IGM


    Featuring Infrared Guided Measurement (IGM) technology powered by a built-in FLIR Lepton® thermal imaging sensor, MR176 visually guides you to the precise spot that moisture may be hiding for further testing and investigation.

  3. FLIR E95 Thermal Imaging Camera with 42° Lens


    • 464 x 348 IR Resolution (161,472 pixels)
    • 640 x 480 Screen Resolution
    • Temperature Range up to 1500°C

  4. FLIR VS70 Videoscope


    The FLIR VS70 is a rugged, waterproof and shock-resistant videoscope that features intuitive handset controls that enable users to maneuver the narrow camera probe into tight spaces to deliver vivid and sharp video and images to a large 5.7” color LCD display.

  5. FLIR CM46 AC/DC Digital TRMS Clamp Meter


    The FLIR CM46 400A AC/DC Digital True RMS Clamp Meter shares the same build quality as its fellow stablemates in the FLIR CM4X range - the CM42 and the CM44 - but measures a greater array of electrical variables, in particular DC current.

  6. FLIR No Radio Version


    No Radio Version (E53, E75, E85, E95, T530, T540 & T840)

  7. FLIR T1020 Thermal Imaging Camera with 45° Lens


    Thermal Imaging camera that is designed for thermography experts who need the highest quality without compromise.

  8. FLIR E75 Thermal Imaging Camera with 24° and 14° Lenses


    • 320 x 240 IR Resolution (76,800 pixels)
    • 640 x 480 Screen Resolution
    • Temperature Range up to 650°C

  9. FLIR E53 Thermal Imaging Camera with with 24° Lens


    • Infrared detectors have a resolution of 240 x 180 pixels
    • Temperature range: -20°C to +650°C with optional calibrations
    • 24° lens detects temperature differences as low as 0.04°C

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