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  1. GW Instek PSP-603 Switching DC Power Supply

    Regular Price: £266.00

    On Sale £185.00

    Programmable Switching 0-60V, 0-3.5A, Multifunction LCD readout, Key Lock, RS232 interface

  2. GW Instek SPS-606-Switching-dc-power-supply


    60V 6A Switching DC Power Supply Two Digital Panel Meters 0.01% High Regulation Constant Voltage & Current Operation Remote Control Output ON/OFF Function

  3. GW Instek APS-7050E AC Power Source


    The APS-7000E series comprises six measurement and test functions (Vrms, Irms, F, Ipk, W, PF)

  4. GW Instek GBM-3300 Battery Meter


    The GBM-3300 provides excellent features for various types of batteries in measuring open circuit voltage and resistance.

  5. GW Instek GFG-8255A Analog Function Generator


    As GFG8219A but 0.5Hz - 5MHz, sine + 6 digit 150MHz frequency counter for internal/external use & 3 step attenuator 10dB + 2 x 20dBs

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