Installation Testers

Installation Testers

SJ Electronics offers a comprehensive range of installation testers designed to meet the needs of professionals in electrical installations, maintenance, and compliance testing. These instruments are specifically engineered to assess the safety, performance, and compliance of electrical installations according to industry standards and regulations.

SJ Electronics' range of installation testers provide accurate measurements of parameters such as loop impedance, RCD trip time, insulation resistance, and earth resistance. They are equipped with advanced features like automatic test sequences, pass/fail indicators, and data logging capabilities for efficient and comprehensive testing.

These testers are designed to be user-friendly, with intuitive interfaces, clear displays, and robust constructions for reliable performance in demanding environments. Whether it's for electricians, contractors, or safety inspectors, SJ Electronics' range of installation testers offer professionals reliable, efficient, and versatile tools for ensuring electrical safety, compliance, and quality in their work.

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