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Innovations for Education

Innovations for Education

Innovations for Education

NUWPEC Contracted Supplier

As a NUWPEC Contracted Supplier to the Education Sector, we offer educational solutions and a complete product portfolio to assist you in preparing your students for real-life measurements.

What are the benefits of creating your Online Education Account?

Preparing Engineering Students to Bring Creative Ideas to Life - Click here to go to the SJ Education Centre >

The needs and requirements of today’s engineers are rapidly growing and so are those of electronic teaching laboratories in colleges and universities across the world. The key to empowering students is to enable them to learn, experiment and work in the same mode and with the same instruments they will see in industry. Giving students practical, hands-on experience on the instruments they’ll use later on in their careers is crucial for the development of any student engineer.

Renowned reliability, budget-friendly value, excellent measurement performance and innovations like the TekSmartLab™ help you guide your students through basic and advanced engineering topics.

Electronic Engineering Teaching Laboratories
Electronic Engineering Teaching Laboratory Equipment

Tektronix TekSmartLab

Better Teaching, Better Learning - TekSmartLab™

Tektronix introduces the first Wireless Lab Instrument Management Solution to assure better teaching and better learning in a more efficient and advanced teaching lab.

At many learning institutions, implementing productive and fully integrated instrument networks in classrooms can be a daunting task. Running on a lab server, TekSmartLab™ sets up quickly without any LAN cables or special instrument configuration offering practicality and efficiency.

“Centralised control of instruments dramatically improves the classroom and lab experience for students, instructors and lab managers,” said Michael Ewald, General Manager, Bench Products, at Tektronix. “TekSmartLab™ eliminates many repetitive manual tasks, saving valuable class time.

Features such as intuitive laboratory layout emulation, automatic instrument configuration, and push-button report generation mean that professors and students can focus on learning and not shuffling paper or configuring their tools.”

From a powerful dashboard, professors can easily load instrument configurations associated with different course requirements and then distribute them to up to 120 instruments with a single mouse click. For instance, using LAN cables to set up a network is costly, time consuming and limits flexibility. Many instruments lack LAN ports. By converting instruments’ USB ports into a wireless interface using a Wi-Fi-USB converter, TekSmartLab™ eliminates cabling hassles while giving professors the software tools they need to efficiently manage large, busy classrooms.

University of Sussex Re-quip their Electrical Teaching Laboratory

Electronics Engineering students at the University of Sussex are benefiting from new electronic equipment supplied by SJ Electronics.

An Engineer's Test Bench Poster

The world leader in oscilloscopes makes a lot more than oscilloscopes. Tektronix & Keithley offers a complete line of bench instruments and accessories, including multimeters, power supplies, signal generators, and more.

Don't forget that education customers get a discount of 15% off all Tektronix and Keithley products.

Download Education Test Bench Poster >

University of Sussex Re-quip Lab

University of Sussex Re-quip Lab


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