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  1. Martindale MM68 True RMS Digital Multimeter


    With True RMS measurement, this is an ideal electrician’s multimeter.

  2. Martindale TEK905 Decade Capacitance Box


    The Martindale TEK905 is a reliable, 5 decade capacitance box, ideal for laboratory, educational and calibration applications. Capacitance values range from 100pF to 4.111µF, with a 5% accuracy.

  3. Martindale PSI4000 Phase Sequence Indicator


    The Martindale PSI4000 is a unique phase rotation indicator that carries out the measurement via inductive crocodile clips.

  4. Martindale MM65 Autoranging Digital Multimeter


    The MM65 is an autoranging multimeter capable of measuring 10 amps AC and DC. An optional magnetic strap is available, so it can be easily secured.

  5. Martindale CO90 Carbon Monoxide Detector


    The Martindale CO90 is a reliable, carbon monoxide meter with a low battery indication.

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