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Portable Process and Pressure Instruments

Portable Process and Pressure Instruments

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  1. Time 1048 Voltage/Current/Loop Calibrator


    A portable instrument that operates as a current and voltage source and a multi-purpose loop calibrator.

  2. Time 1030 Voltage and Current Source


    Microcal (combined voltage & current source) 1V, 100mA, 0.1%

  3. Fluke 787B Process Meter


    Double the troubleshooting power so you can do more, while carrying a lot less.

  4. Time 1024 DC Current Calibrator


    DC Current Calibrator with null measuring 100mA, 0.02%, 10ppm

  5. Time 1017 Voltage / Current / Resistance Calibrator


    DC Multi Functional Calibrator 10nV - 100V, 100nA - 100mA, 10mR - 1-kR, 50ppm

  6. Time 1010 DC Voltage Calibrator


    DC Millivolt Calibrator 0.01uV - 10V, 0.02%, 10ppm

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