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Signal Generators & Sources

SJ Electronics offers a diverse range of signal generators and sources that provide reliable and precise waveform generation for a variety of applications. The signal generator lineup includes function generators, arbitrary waveform generators, and RF signal sources. These instruments are designed to generate a wide range of waveforms with high accuracy and stability.

SJ Electronics' signal generators and sources offer adjustable frequency, amplitude, and modulation capabilities, allowing users to generate customised signals for testing, calibration, and simulation purposes. With advanced features such as waveform editing, frequency sweep, and modulation options, these instruments provide flexibility and versatility for a wide range of applications including research, development, and testing.

They are built with high-quality components, ensuring excellent signal fidelity and reliability. Whether it's for circuit testing, system verification, or signal simulation, SJ Electronics' range of signal generators and sources offers the precision, flexibility, and performance necessary for accurate and reliable waveform generation.