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  1. Tektronix TekBench™ Control Software for Oscilloscopes


    TekBench is PC software that controls Tektronix oscilloscopes. It offers intuitive instrument control, automated measurement data logging, and easy waveform exporting with required format to eliminate extra time and effort. It allows users to focus on their experiment rather than learning the instrument.

  2. FLIR Thermal Studio Software


    FLIR Thermal Studio (incl. license key/QR code)

  3. Keithley KickStart Software


    License; KickStartFL-BASE for all base apps of KickStart 2.0; Floating

  4. Yokogawa Curve Tracer Software

    The high-speed, high-accuracy real-time V-I curve tracer consists of the GS Series Source Measure Unit and the 765670 Curve Tracer Software. It is particularly well-suited to DC parametric tests of minute signals.

  5. Tektronix SmartLab™ TBX3000A Hardware


    The TBX3000A connects and controls instruments through USB cables, and communicates with the TSL3000B software on the lab server via the wireless network.

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