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  1. Testec TT-MF312 - Standard Probe

    Attenuation Ratio: x1 Input Impedance: * MO, 47 pF Bandwidth: 20 MHz Rise Time: 18 ns Cable Length: 1,2 m

  2. Testec TT-SI 9002 - Differential Probe

    Bandwidth: 25 MHz, Attenuation Ratio: x20 / x200, Accuracy: +/-2%, Rise Time: 14 ns, Input Impedance: 4 MOhm, 5,5 pF

  3. Testec TT-SI 9010A - Differential Probe

    Bandwidth: 70MHz , Attenuation Ratio: x100/x1000 , Accuracy: +/-2% , Rise Time: 5ns , Input Impedance: 10MO, 10pF

  4. Testec TT-SI 200- Differential Probe

    Bandwidth: 200MHz, Attenuation Ratio: x10, Accuracy: ± 1%, Rise Time: 1,75ns, Input Impedance: 500kOhm / 7pF

  5. Testec TT-SI 9101 - Differential Probe

    Bandwidth: 100MHz, Attenuation Ratio1: x10 / x100, Accuracy: ± 2%, Rise Time: 3,5ns, Input Impedance: 4MOhm, 7pF

  6. Testec TT-SI 9001 - Differential Probe

    Bandwidth: 25MHz, Attenuation Ratio: x10/x100, Accuracy: +/-2%, Rise Time: 14ns, Input Impedance: 4MOhm, 5,5pF

  7. Testec TT-SI 9010 - Differential Probe

    Bandwidth: 70MHz, Attenuation Ratio: x100/x1000, Accuracy: +/-2% , Rise Time: 5ns, Input Impedance: 10MO, 10pF

  8. Testec TT-SI 9110- Differential Probe

    Bandwidth: 100MHz, Attenuation Ratio: x100/x1000, Accuracy: +/-2%, Input Impedance: 4MOhm, 7pF

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