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Advanced Research

Explore these pages to learn more about each of these advanced research topics. In each section you’ll find technical documents, recommended equipment, videos and more.

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Analog/Digital Design and Debug

No one has time to learn new equipment in the design phase when they are under time pressures. With a familiar interface and speeds fast enough for every application, we provide solutions that meet your mixed-signal design needs.

Analog/Digital Design and Debug Circuit board


Your roadmap for reliable, efficient, and comprehensive automotive testing starts here.

Automotive Applications

Calibration Applications

Browse through our calibration application knowledge base with numerous application notes and recommended products.

Calibration Applications Image

Coherent Optical Solutions

Characterization of signals at 100 Gb/s, 400 Gb/s, and beyond.

Coherent Optical Solutions Image


Preparing Engineering Students to Bring Creative Ideas to Life.

The needs and requirements of today’s engineers are rapidly growing and so are those of electronic teaching laboratories in colleges and universities across the world. 

Visit our 'Education Centre'

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EMI/EMC Troubleshooting

EMI troubleshooting is the process of using measurements and analysis to identify unwanted emissions and interference sources. Quick and thorough EMI diagnostics can help you avoid product delays.

EMI/EMC Troubleshooting Image

ESD Protection - Everything You Need To Know

Electrostatic Discharge [ESD] can damage components and products containing electronics. It is the hidden enemy in many high-tech factories. Find out more about ESD Protection and how to get protected...

ESD Protection Image

High Energy Physics

With new and compelling questions about the origin of particle masses, the nature of dark matter and the role of neutrinos, scientists need instruments that can capture or simulate fleeting events that represent the world of fundamental particles.

High Energy Physics Image

High Speed Serial Communications

Speed up PHY validation cycles and ensure consistency with automated measurement suites that identify jitter & noise from sources such as crosstalk or other multi-lane noise coupling.

High Speed Serial Communications Image

IoT - Internet of Things

Are you creating devices that need to talk with other machines? Do you need to ensure that they are meeting the countless standards and protocols of the Internet of Things?

IoT - Internet of Thing Image

IoT - Battery Squeeze

Characterizing an Internet of Things device or sensor’s power profile directly translates into the success of any IoT product. Maximize your device’s battery life.

Learn the 11 power consumption measurement techniques for IoT devices.

IoT - Battery Squeeze Image

Material Science Solutions

Are you developing the materials or devices of the future? We provide comprehensive solutions for electrical characterizations of new materials and devices.

Material Science Solutions Image

Power and Energy Efficiency

At SJ Electronics we understand the evolving requirements and offer power test solutions for design validation, characterization, performance testing and certification.

Learn more >

Power and Energy Efficiency Image

Quantum Research

There’s a race going on to develop technology based on uniquely quantum or subatomic phenomena. Institutions are working to take data processing to the next level through quantum computing. Laboratories are studying and developing applications of quantum entanglement to create instantaneous communication anywhere in the universe.

It may not sound like a quantum computer, a miles long laser-interferometer and a quantum entanglement have much in common, but when you zoom out, these technological developments all face similar challenges. How do you set up the signals that trigger what you want to observe? How do you ensure timing? How do you scale up a solution? We strive to provide test and measurement solutions for these challenges, leaving you to focus on your experiment.

Quantum Research Image

Radar Test and Electronic Warfare

Performance precision and insight for your radar test and electronic warfare design.

Radar Test and Electronic Warfare Image

Spectrum Management/Interference Hunting

Interference Hunters, rejoice. The new RSA306 USB Spectrum Analyzer delivers the performance you need to find RF interference faster.

Spectrum Management/Interference Hunting Image

Thermography - Industrial R&D Icon


Numerous new products have been developed with the help of a thermal imaging camera. Product developers study the heat dissipation and thermal characteristics. Thermal imaging cameras can help...

Thermography - Industrial R&D Image

Wireless and RF

With the fast and continuing evolution of wireless technologies, it is important meet RF test challenges with confidence. Tektronix delivers the expertise, as well as the signal generation and analysis capabilities, required to overcome the most challenging RF, wireless and microwave design challenges with confidence. Check out our premium content and solutions to learn more about your specific RF interests.

Wireless and RF Hunting Image

Create and Realise Innovation Easier and Quicker.

Not only will you find an expansive range of specialist electronic test and measurement equipment, you also have the luxury of ease, accuracy and speed with SJ Electronics giving you more valuable time doing what you do best rather than spending hours or days looking for the right instrument for your application.

With our application experience and expertise, our team of technical engineers will listen to your design and research challenges and provide you with the right instruments and solutions.

Save Time and Resource

Tell us your Design and Research Challenges. Get your Solution Easier and Quicker.


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