Analog circuit characterization

This is an analog world. All physical quantities are captured and presented as an analog signal. Thus, performance of analog circuits like amplifiers, filters and convertors need to be characterized.

  • InstaView™ technology eliminates the uncertainty of the waveform added at a DUT with unmatched impedance
  • Frequency range from 25 MHz up to 250 MHz
  • High signal fidelity eliminates the need for an external filter or attenuator
  • Frequency response tests are effortless due to frequency agility and well-calibrated sine wave flatness

Real-world signal replication

Sensors are widely used in almost every modern electronic design, from automotive, to medical devices, to consumer electronics. Capturing a waveform then replicating it for troubleshooting or validation with an AFG has been a challenging process until now.

  • ArbBuilder imports waveforms in csv format saved by the wide portfolio of Tektronix oscilloscopes
  • Up-to 128 Mpts arbitrary memory greatly extends the length of a signal
  • Low noise floor gives the cleanest signal

Function verification and performance characterization

An intensive number of test cases must be done by test engineers before a product goes to a market to ensure it meets the specifications. But this process is time consuming and repetitive.

  • Full programability for automated testing and intuitive user interface for manual test
  • Waveform sequencing enables you to serialize all test cases in a single sequence
  • Flexible branching methods allows high efficiency
  • Up to 128 Mpts of arbitrary memory and built-in non-volatile flash memory store all of your waveforms and test cases

System synchronization with clock or pulses

All parts of a circuit in a digital design work synchronously at the pace of a clock. All devices in a big system must be coordinated with triggered signals to ensure they work properly and reliably. The AFG31000 is a cost-effective way to generate the clocks and triggerring pulses.

  • Pulse/square frequency range up to 160 MHz
  • Frequency agility seamlessly switches from one clock rate to another
  • Easy-to-use wizard guides you through the process of synchronizing multiple units to extend the number of channels
  • Low jitter level gives you more confidence in triggering your system

Pulses to drive power devices

Dynamic performance characterization of IGBT or MOSFET requires pulses to drive the gate to turn it on or off.

  • Easy pulse generation with adjustable duty cycle and edge time
  • Waveform sequencing for pulse train generation with flexible timing
  • Built-in noise generator and floating ground for adding noise to DC power supply for stress test
  • Output channels are protected from overcurrent to minimize down time

Advanced research and education

Researchers and educators need a wide variety of signals to get their research and teaching job done. Tests could be as simple as a series of pulses to simulate the output of a Geiger-Muller counter or as complicated as a long modulated baseband IQ.

  • InstaView™ technology eliminates the uncertainty of the waveform added at your complex load
  • Versatility of features and functions integrated
  • Dual operation modes balance ease-of-use and flexibility to generate the most complex waveforms
  • Built-in ArbBuilder enables you to generate and edit arbitrary waveforms directly on the screen

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