7 ways to speed up your testing with the AFG31000 Arbitrary Function Generator

7 ways to speed up testing with the AFG31000 Arbitrary Function Generator from Tektronix

1. Real-time waveform monitoring

Verify the waveform at the device under test in real-time right on the AFG without the need to hook up and additional scope.

2. Large, smart touchscreen

Easily navigate the simplified menu and short-cuts to frequently used settings. Pinch, swipe and zoom to see details and areas of interest.

3. Build your ARB waveforms right on the AFG

Create, edit and transfer ARB waveforms without a PC using built-in tools.

4. Programmable waveform sequencing

Generate long waveforms – up to 128Mpts/channel – easily with programmable waveform sequencing in advanced mode.

5. Low Noise and Jitter

Get a clean, high-fidelity signal to your device under test quickly and easily. With a lower noise floor and output amplitude down to 1mVpp, the noise and jitter specs are 10x better than our previous generation models.

6. Multi-sync in minutes

The onscreen wizard leads you through the process of the cable connections and settings.

7. Upgrade Online

Get bandwidth, memory and waveform sequencing upgrades when you need them.

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