BINDER is a reputable brand known for its extensive range of simulation chambers and laboratory ovens. With a strong focus on precision and reliability, BINDER offers innovative solutions that meet the stringent requirements of research, development, and testing laboratories.

BINDER's simulation chambers provide controlled environments for temperature, humidity, light, and other parameters, allowing users to simulate real-world conditions for various applications such as pharmaceuticals, electronics, and material testing. Their laboratory ovens are designed to provide precise and uniform heating, making them ideal for processes like drying, sterilisation, and thermal testing.

BINDER's products are characterised by their advanced features, user-friendly interfaces, and robust construction, ensuring consistent performance and long-term durability. With a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, BINDER continues to be a trusted choice for professionals who rely on accurate and reliable simulation chambers and laboratory ovens for their critical experiments and processes.

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  1. Binder UFV Series Ultra Low Temperature Freezers
    Binder UFV Series Ultra Low Temperature Freezers

    The ULTRA.GUARD ultra low temperature freezer of the UF V series from BINDER ensures safe long-term storage of samples at -86 �C. It also has personalized access control via RFID: This ensures that only laboratory employees accredited by the laboratory manager can open the ultra low temperature freezer. This revolutionary ultra low temperature freezer is based on a multi-stage security concept, which offers everything that laboratory staff want from reliable operation to ease of use and system integration./p> Learn More

  2. Binder MKF Series Dynamic Climate Chambers
    Binder MKF Series Dynamic Climate Chambers

    Environmental simulation chamber for complex alternating climate profiles

    A BINDER environmental simulation chamber of the MKF series is ideally suited for any cold and heat testing based on current temperature and climate testing testing methods according to DIN and IEC standards. The ease of operation and comprehensive standard equipment for this environmental simulation chamber ensures something special in use.
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