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TMI-Orion - Measurement Systems for Harsh Industrial Environments

Since the launch of its first pressure and temperature datalogger in 1994, TMI-Orion has acquired a well-established worldwide reputation in the field of harsh industrial environment dataloggers.

Innovation and continuous quest for customer satisfaction have led to an exceptional portfolio of products. Thanks to TMI Orion's large diversification, most of the industrial needs can be satisfied.

  • Process validation, by an accountable measurement accuracy and a series of application driven software packages.
  • Process monitoring, by real time measurements thanks to a variety of communication systems (wired, radio, FullRadio) and physical parameters (temperature, pressure, humidity, air flow, weight, length, and others).
  • Process control, by using FullRadio transmission to control the process in real time or to transfer the data to an information system.

A flexible and innovative engineering team is constantly designing the best products and solutions for your needs.

TMI-Orion is working in most industrial sectors:

  • food processing
  • pharmaceutical industry
  • hospitals
  • biotechnologies
  • ceramics
  • chemistry
  • metal processing
  • material
  • automotive
  • aeronautics
  • and more

Typical Applications:

Temperature/pressure measurement inside cans and other containers during sterilization processes (121°C, 3 Bar, Saturated steam, duration: 2h30), also available with real time transmission.

Temperature measurement during freeze drying processes, -70°C, P<1mbar, duration: 24h.

Humidity measurement in powders.

Building materials:
Temperature measurement in curing kilns for bricks, tiles, ceramics (1150°C, duration: 60h).
Temperature/pressure and shrinkage measurement during drying processes of ceramics (80°C to 100°C, 80% RH , duration: 8h to 24h).

Temperature measurement during thermal processes, ending with a quench (gas, liquid…) (900°C, duration: 5h).

Aerospace & Defence:
Temperature / pressure / humidity and distorsion measurement inside aircraft structures (wings, engines) during flight tests ( from -60°C to +150°C, Atmospheric Pressure and humidity, duration: 1 week).

Temperature measurement during polymerization processes of sensors (resins, 150°C, duration 1h).

Temperature / pressure and humidity measurement inside reflow ovens, or inside thermal shock chambers.

An Engineering Company

TMI-Orion, expert in embedded technology, takes advantage of its years of experience to offer customized solutions.

TMI Orion