Looking to re-fit or upgrade your Teaching Laboratory?


Looking to re-fit or upgrade your Teaching Laboratory?

In attracting and preparing electrical engineering students for life beyond the electronics lab, an engineering educator is faced with many challenges:

  • Keeping curriculum up to speed with rapidly-evolving technology.
  • Enabling students to quickly master the basics and move to advance topics and independent research.
  • Limited staff resources and equipment budget.

It is no secret that educators need to get the best price and value combination to equip their classroom labs with capable equipment for diverse and complex tasks.

We offer a complete product portfolio to assist you in preparing your students for the evolving measurements of tomorrow. The unique set of bench solutions we offer include the industry’s best test and measurement instruments, circuit and simulation tools, as well as instrument and experimental reference data.

We are committed to supporting the unique needs of electrical engineering educators and students. With our expert technical advice and awarded NUWPEC contract to become a specialist supplier and Technical Reseller for Test and Measurement products into the education sector, we want to help you teach your students with the best instruments in the industry without compromising your budget.

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