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  • FLIR E75 Thermal Imaging Camera with 24° and 14° Lenses

FLIR E75 Thermal Imaging Camera with 24° and 14° Lenses


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  • 320 x 240 IR Resolution (76,800 pixels)

  • 640 x 480 Screen Resolution

  • Temperature Range up to 650°C


Thermal Imaging Reimagined

The FLIR E75 is the entry level edition of the all new Exx-Series thermal cameras. The E75 has been completely reshaped from previous generations. Bringing to the table top level performance and display technology. It is a perfect fit for a wide variety of applications including locating signs of water damage, leaks, electrical issues, mechanical system failures and more.

  • 76,800 points of measurement
  • UltraMaxTM processing for 4x pixel resolution
  • The latest in FLIR’s MSX® enhancement
  • Powerful & Bright 4” Display
  • Simplified User Interface
  • Image Transmission over WiFi

Modular Design

The E75 comes standard with a 24° lens that is great for capturing most standard thermal images. However, users often find themselves needing a different lens for some unique applications. To accommodate this need, FLIR has designed the Exx-Series to be completely modular. Users can interchange the standard 24° lens with a 42° or 14° lens respectively. Completely eliminating the need for multiple cameras for different applications. The E75 is sold in several different package configurations that include select lenses. Please see series guide above.

Revolutionary Display Technology

Perhaps one of the best features of the E75 is its 4” display rated at 25% brighter than previous generation thermal cameras. Users can now easily navigate a simple menu, quickly pin point problem spots, ensure shots are always focused and more. The screen is completely touch sensitive responding quickly to all user inputs. All menu options are laid out in a rational order making navigation quick and ensuring your thermal images are always on target.

Rapid Focus & Measurement

The FLIR E75 is designed to make thermal imaging easy and effective. FLIR has added a revolutionary laser-assisted autofocus system to the Exx-Series. The laser-assisted autofocus responds to user input rapidly and ensures all temperature measurements are taken with superior accuracy. Easily measure small targets at a variety of distances with the E75’s superior spot-size performance.

User Friendly Design

The FLIR E75 is durable enough to be used in a wide variety of applications. Designed to be used with only one hand, it can be used in nearly any hard to reach area. The E75 outputs standard radiometric JPEGs allowing field images to be observed on any device without the need for registered software. All images can also be viewed or edited using FLIR’s award winning FLIR Tools software or integrated directly into a CMMS if needed.

FLIR MSX Technology

Thermal Images show vital information that our naked eye will miss. However, raw thermal images are not very keen on providing physical detail. This is where FLIR's revolutionary MSX technology comes in. Blending the physical with the thermal.


Electrical and Mechanical Applications >

  • Laser-assisted autofocus

  • Wide temperature ranges, up to 1500°C

  • Vibrant, 4” optically-bonded PCAP touchscreen with 160° viewing angle

  • Wi-Fi, METERLiNK® connectivity

  • Streamlined reporting features

  • FLIR’s industry-leading 2-5-10 warranty

Building Applications >

  • Fast, precise laser-assisted autofocus

  • Grip, trigger, and buttons designed for easy one-handed operation

  • Sensitive enough to clearly identify hidden building deficiencies

  • On-screen area measurement (E85, E95)

  • True 42° field of view (FOV)

  • Wi-Fi, METERLiNK® connectivity Streamlined reporting features