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  • FLIR E85 Thermal Imaging Camera with 24° Lens

FLIR E85 Thermal Imaging Camera with 24° Lens


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  • 384 x 288 IR Resolution (110,592 pixels)

  • 640 x 480 Screen Resolution

  • Temperature Range up to 1200°C


The FLIR E85 is the mid-level thermal camera in the FLIR Exx-series of handheld thermal cameras. FLIR has completely redeveloped the E85 offering superior performance and features not found in previous generation thermal cameras. With its top-level performance, the E85, is the perfect fit for nearly any job including building maintenance, facilities maintenance, electrical troubleshooting and more.

  • 110,592 points of measurement
  • Laser Area Measurement
  • Spotmeter: 3 in live mode
  • Area: 3 in live mode
  • UltraMaxTM processing for 4x pixel resolution
  • The latest in FLIR’s MSX® enhancement
  • Powerful & Bright 4” Display
  • Image Transmission over WiFi


Sometimes, a single lens is not capable enough to perform all thermal imaging applications. FLIR recognized this issue and has designed the E85 to be adaptable to any situation on the fly. It comes standard with a 24° or 42° lens depending on which model you choose. However, you can also choose from a variety of configurations that include more than one lens with the E85. The best part, the interchangeable lenses of the Exx-Series auto-calibrate with the E85. This eliminates the delay of calibrating a camera each time the lens is changed saving you time and money.


With the E85, FLIR has developed a revolutionary 4” capacitive touch display. It is rated at over 25% brighter than their previous generation of thermal cameras. There are no physical menu buttons on the E85, all settings operations are completed using FLIR’s intuitive user interface located on the bottom of the screen. FLIR has kept ease of use a top priority and users will find the E85’s menus simple and quick to navigate. This allows for rapid troubleshooting with thermal images that are always on target.

Laser Area Measurement

Unique to the E85 and E95 is the new feature called “Laser Area Measurement”. Laser Area Measurement allows users to determine the total square footage with in a determined area box. This gives the images captured on the E85 a measurable reference point and the ability to pin point problem areas even from a distance.

Laser-Assisted Autofocus

The FLIR E85 is a revolutionary maintenance and troubleshooting tool. With laser-assisted autofocus, users can quickly hone in and obtain the most accurate measurement of a particular problem spot. Measuring small targets at a distance is no problem for the E85 with high performing spot-size technology and a variety of different lens options.

Intuitive by Design

The engineers and design team at FLIR spent a lot of time developing the E85 to be the go-to thermal imager for many applications. It is designed to withstand the strains of everyday use while still providing a high performance thermal imaging experience. The one-handed design makes the E85 simple to operate in confined or difficult to reach spaces. All thermal images taken with E85 are outputted in a standard radiometric JPEG format, eliminating the need to install software on each of your devices. These images can also be imported into and edited using FLIR Tools software or integrated with existing facility software systems if needed.

FLIR MSX Technology

Thermal Images show vital information that our naked eye will miss. However, raw thermal images are not very keen on providing physical detail. This is where FLIR's revolutionary MSX technology comes in. Blending the physical with the thermal. The MSX Technology used in the E85 has been improved dramatically from previous generations with the digital camera being located closer to the thermal detector on the camera.


Electrical and Mechanical Applications >

  • Laser-assisted autofocus

  • Wide temperature ranges, up to 1500°C

  • Vibrant, 4” optically-bonded PCAP touchscreen with 160° viewing angle

  • Wi-Fi, METERLiNK® connectivity

  • Streamlined reporting features

  • FLIR’s industry-leading 2-5-10 warranty

Building Applications >

  • Fast, precise laser-assisted autofocus

  • Grip, trigger, and buttons designed for easy one-handed operation

  • Sensitive enough to clearly identify hidden building deficiencies

  • On-screen area measurement (E85, E95)

  • True 42° field of view (FOV)

  • Wi-Fi, METERLiNK® connectivity Streamlined reporting features