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Flir One® Thermal Imaging Camera Attachment

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FLIR ONE® Thermal Imaging Camera Attachment for iOS and Android


Meet the new next-generation FLIR ONE thermal camera

When connected to a smartphone, the FLIR ONE allows you to see the world in a whole new way.

Whether you’re into outdoor adventures and DIY home repairs, or are a hardworking professional looking for the convenience of a thermal camera that goes everywhere you do, there’s a FLIR ONE for you.


  • Radiometric

    FLIR ONE can measure temperatures on any spot in a scene between -4°F and 248°F (-20° to 120°C).


    FLIR ONE’s MSX feature takes the edge detail from the color camera and embosses it on top of the thermal image, so you get more image detail than ever in a single image.

  • Palettes

    Select between nine dynamic color palettes, including arctic, coldest, contrast, gray, hottest, iron, lava, rainbow and color wheel.

  • OneFitCompatibility

    The revolutionary OneFit adjustable-height connector ensures that your FLIR One will fit your phone or tablet, even with its compatible case still in place so you don’t have to choose between protecting your phone and thermal vision.

  • FLIR ONE App

    The new FLIR ONE App is engaging and shows what else you can do with your FLIR ONE. The app connects with smartwatches, includes Tips & Tricks videos, accesses the worldwide FLIR ONE community, and allows sharing to the social media of your choice.