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FLIR ResearchIR 4.0 Analysis Software for Research & Science (USB Dongle)


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Software for R&D and Science applications

Software for R&D and Science applications

IR camera control and analysis software for research and science applications

A powerful and easy-to-use thermal analysis software for camera system command and control, high speed data recording, real-time or playback analysis, and reporting.

Features of FLIR ResearchIR:

  • More than 20 language versions available
  • View, record and store images at high speed
  • Post-processing of fast thermal events
  • Generate time-temperature plots from live images or recorded sequences
  • Advanced Start/Stop recording conditions
  • Unlimited number of analysis functions (Spot, Line, Area)
  • File organizer with Quick Collection and preview of sequences
  • Zoom & Pan allows a closer look
  • Multiple user-configurable tabs for live images, recorded images or plot

FLIR ResearchIR User interface

1. Camera and recording control: FLIR ResearchIR software connects directly to FLIR thermal imaging cameras to acquire thermal snapshots or movie files. ResearchIR supports multiple acquisition options, including camera triggering or conditional start/stop, based on thermal measurements.
2. Flexible measurement workspace: Imagery, data and charts can be arranged by a simple drag and drop. Measurement analysis can be done live when connected to a thermal imaging camera or in playback with recorded snapshots or movie sequences.
3. Charts and graphics: Line profiles are easy to add. Measurement tools or complete image statistics can be plotted against time. A result table presents data statistics for all images in parallel allowing for seamless comparative analysis.
4. Intuitive image colorization control: Allows changing the color palette, color distribution, contrast and isotherms, zooming and panning.
5. Image processing pipe: Provides powerful real time processing such as image subtraction, sliding subtraction or averaging. Each process can be individually configured and its order can be easily managed.
6. Quick collection bar: Shows the active images and sequences.  

WATCH FLIR ResearchIR Software Tutorials in the video tab.

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