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FLIR A65sc 7.5Hz Benchtop Test Kit


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FLIR A65sc 7.5Hz Benchtop Test Kit including: FLIR A65sc, 7.5 Hz, 640 x 512, 13mm (45°×37°) Lens, -40°C to 550°C, FLIR ResearchIR

  • Spot-on Detection

  • Portable & Easy-to-Operate

  • Movie Recording & Data Logging


No one can afford costly product recalls and do-overs caused by inadequate temperature measurement devices. So FLIR developed an innovative alternative that you can’t afford to pass up.

Throw out the rat's nest of thermocouples, the painstaking IR thermometer guns, and all the questionable results that go with them. Know exactly where to measure, trust your findings every time, and become far more productive with the FLIR Bench Test Thermal Kits.

Thermal images making the difference
Eliminate risky guesswork with instant non-contact readings that deliver up to 81.920 repeatable, accurate temperature measurements in each thermographic image.

Spot-on Detection
FLIR’s high accuracy of up to ±2% (or ±2°C) with down to <0.045°C sensitivity lets you see the fine thermal variations necessary for critical documentation.

Portable & Easy-to-Operate
Compact at less than 300 grams for the A65sc model, the camera takes up little bench space and can be easily moved to other test stations.

Movie Recording & Data Logging
Stream to a PC via a Gigabit Ethernet from the A65sc to display, record, and further analyse images. Chart time vs. temperature for spot and area measurements with the kit’s real-time IR analysis software ResearchIR.

Bench Kit Includes:

  • FLIR A65sc (640 x 512)
  • (45° × 37°) Lens
  • Power PoE injector
  • Focus Adjustment Tool
  • Base Support
  • Table Stand
  • Power and Ethernet Cables
  • Transport Case
  • FLIR ResearchIR

Need infrared training? We offer training, certification, and re-certification in all aspects of infrared thermography use - Find out more.

Experience and find out more about the FLIR ResearchIR Software - A powerful and easy to-use thermal analysis software package for FLIR Research & Development / Science cameras.


The FLIR Ax5-Series is the perfect solution for those applications that require the benefits of a thermal image. The FLIR Ax5-Series camera has features and functions that make it the natural choice for anyone who uses PC software to solve problems.

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