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FLIR Thermal Studio Software


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FLIR Thermal Studio (incl. license key/QR code)

FLIR Thermal Studio is a powerful, flexible, and efficient software for creating thermal inspection reports and automation of editing tasks with large amounts of thermal images.

The software supports images and videos in standard FLIR format from all modern FLIR thermography cameras, including the C-, T-, E- and GF-series, as well as FLIR One and the P6-series.

Key Features:

With FLIR Thermal Studio you can:

• Create and edit large reports with fully customizable templates.
• Edit large amounts of images and videos efficiently.
• Use advanced measurement functions or perform coverage calculations.
• Adjust MSX or other Visual Camera features.
• Perform multi-source plots and formula computations.
• Enhance OGI video with high sensitivity mode and pixel binding for enhanced gas visualization from SEQ and CSQ files.
• Handle UAS images with full support for roll, pitch, and yaw.

FLIR Thermal Studio is available in over 22 languages as a standalone application for Windows 7, 8, 10 (32- and 64-bit). Microsoft Office is not required.