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Fluke 416D (Discontinued)

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*** DISCONTINUED - PLEASE SEE FLUKE 414D, 419D, 424D OR CALL 0800 583 4455 FOR ALTERNATIVES *** The Fluke 416D is a professional-grade laser distance meter — it’s fast, easy to use, and fits on your tool belt. This meter will save you effort and money by reducing measurement time and errors! Use Fluke laser distance meters to quickly and accurately determine the distance to your target, the area bounded by two distances, or the volume within three measurements: • Reduce estimation errors, saving time and money • Instant measurements of the distance between two objects with one-button operation • Quick calculations of distance formulas such as area (square feet/meters) and volume • Easy performance of distance addition and subtraction calculations The Fluke 416D Laser Distance Meter is better than an ultrasonic device because it uses laser light waves and measures their reflection to accurately determine distances: • Most advanced technology for measuring distances • More accurate and measure longer distances • Rugged and reliable as customers expect from Fluke products The Fluke 416D has the following features in addition to the 411D's: • Ability to view more data with backlit, three-line display • Ability to measure up to 60 m (200 ft) with increased accuracy of up to 1.5 mm (0.06 in) • Full Pythagoras function (determine distance indirectly via two or three other measurements) • Audible activation and shut down notification • Storage of the last ten measurements for quick recall of distance • Minimum and Maximum function • Strong environmental protection with IP54 (water spray and dust proof) sealing