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Fluke Calibration PPC4E-1.4M-DEMO Pressure Controller / Calibrator + Case (Ex-Demonstration)

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Fluke Calibration PPC4E-1.4M-DEMO Pressure Controller / Calibrator + Case (Ex-Demonstration)

Fluke Calibration PPC4E-1.4M-DEMO Pressure Controller / Calibrator + Case (Ex-Demonstration)

Superior rangeability and reliability for pressure gauge calibration

± 0.02 % of AutoRanged spans from ± 1 kPa (0.15 psi) to 14 MPa (2,000 psi)

The Fluke Calibration PPC4E pressure gauge calibrator brings high performance to a wide range of pneumatic pressure calibrations, from the cal lab to production or field calibration environments. Move up to the well-known reliability and precision of Fluke Calibration PPC pressure controller/calibrators and enjoy great value and return on investment.

PPC4E combines the best features, measurement technology, and patented PPC hydraulic pressure controller from our PPC4 family of controller/ calibrators to deliver extremely broad pressure range coverage at a level of performance that addresses your most common calibration workload. Calibrate transmitters, transducers and analog and digital gauges with ease using the colour graphical user interface, or automate through remote connection to a PC. PPC4E makes it extremely easy to ensure that you're getting the performance and uncertainty you need for all of your pressure gauge calibrations. PPC4E's AutoRange feature instantly sets up multiple parameters to achieve optimum precision, safety, and measurement performance anywhere in its pressure range. Users simply enter the range and tolerance of the unit under test. PPC4E's measurement uncertainty is then a percentage of a span that is aligned with the UUT range, providing an easy-to-understand test accuracy ratio.

Rangeability of PPC4E models

Models are designated either PPC4E or PPC4EX, indicating either one or two internal reference pressure transducers and defining the minimum AutoRange span that can be selected while still maintaining the calibrator's best measurement uncertainty. Nominal measurement uncertainty is ± 0.02 % of AutoRanged span for any AutoRange down to:

  • PPC4E 10 % of controller span
  • PPC4EX 1 % of controller span

See PPC4E measurement specifications for details. Fluke Calibration provides a complete and reliable product measurement uncertainty specification including all sources and valid for one year.

Price on application - Please call 0800 583 4455 or email