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Fluke ii900 Sonic Industrial Imager


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  • 7" LCD touchscreen

  • Resolution 1280 x 800 (1,024,000 pixels)

  • Frequency range from 2 to 52 kHz

  • Minimum frame rate 25 FPS


Fluke ii900 Sonic Industrial Imager

This handheld sonic industrial imager features a 7" LCD touchscreen that overlays SoundMap™ on a visual image for quick leak location identification. Inspect for air and vacuum leaks even during peak production periods in noisy environments by isolating the sound frequency to efficiently identify leaks.

The Fluke ii900 Sonic Industrial Imager makes it easier for your maintenance team to quickly pinpoint the location of compressed air and vacuum leaks. With minimal training, your maintenance technicians can begin checking for air leaks during their typical maintenance routine - even during peak operation hours.

This industrial imager offers a way to locate issues using sound, and it is an intuitive, simple to use tool that can isolate the frequency of leaks or vacuums, even in extremely noisy production environments. A leak location is determined by discerning the direction from which a sound originates by the time delays that occur as the sound passes over an array of microphones. A SoundMap™ is displayed in color over a visual image allowing for easy visual location. With the full array of microphones, it is easy to scan a large area and even capture leaks from a distance.

Key features

  • SoundSight™ technology
  • Acoustic imaging - blended live SoundMap™ with visual image
  • Sensitivity - detects 0.005 CFM leak at 100 psi from up to 32.8'
  • Frequency range from 2 to 52 kHz
  • Maximum operating distance up to 164' (50 m)
  • 7" 1280 x 800 LCD display with capacitive touchscreen
  • Ensure proper air pressure to your pneumatic equipment
  • Reduce leak detection time
  • Improve reliability in your production line
  • Make leak detection part of your typical maintenance routine
  • Train the team in a matter of minutes
  • Validate repairs on the spot


  • Imager
  • AC power supply and battery pack charger (including universal AC adapters)
  • Two rugged lithium ion smart battery packs
  • USB cable
  • Rugged, hard carrying case
  • Adjustable hand strap and neck strap

  • Hospitals

  • Power plants

  • Transportation

  • Material handling

  • Oil & gas and mining - refineries, oil rigs, gas processing, and mines

  • Process manufacturing - F&B, chemical, pharma, glass, cement, pulp and paper

  • Discrete manufacturing - automotive, heavy machinery, fabricated metal, plastics, and electronics