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GW Instek C-1200 Multi-Channel LoRa Tester


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GW Instek C-1200 LoRa tester4TRx ports

  • Support LoRa Sub-GHz 2.4GHz bands

  • 10 MHz Reference Signal


C-1200, a LoRa tester, equips with four sets of TRX Ports and supports Sub-GHz and 2.4 GHz. It not only provides complete parameter settings for LoRa and FSK modulation signals but also allows user to define required Payload. Four sets of TRx Ports conduct tests on for DUTs. Under the pipeline production mode, the production capacity can be substantially increased.

The standard rack size tremendously decreases the equipment space requirement. Collocating with test accessories such as computer control and isolation box can rapidly construct an efficient production test system.


  • 4 sets of RF TRx Ports (switching Type)
  • Support LoRa/FSK modulation signals
  • Support Sub-GHz and 2.4 GHz
  • Complete PC Software and built-in MP Test function
  • Built-in FCC, ETSI test regulations
  • Built-in temperature control calibration signal
  • Support SPI, UART, I2C interfaces to directly control DUT (must collocate with IO Extension, C-1201)
  • Simultaneously test DUT’s current consumption (must collocate with PPH-1503 high precision DC power supply)