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  • GW Instek PPH-1506D Programmable High Precision DC Power Supply

GW Instek PPH-1506D Programmable High Precision DC Power Supply


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High Precision Dual Channel Output DC Power Supply

CH1: Power 45W Voltage 0 ~ 15V or 0 ~ 9V Current 0 ~ 3A or 0 ~ 5A
CH2: Power 36W Voltage 0 ~ 12V Current 0 ~ 3.0A

GW Instek GW-PPH-1506D: Power Supply - DC- Programmable - High Precision - 2 Channels - (0~15V/0~3A)(0~12V/0~3.0A) or (0~9V/0~5A)(NA) - (45W/36W)

  • 3.5”TFT LCD Display
  • High Measurement Resolution: 1mV / 0.1μA for 5mA range.
  • Transient Recovery Time: ≦40μS within 100mV; <80μs within 20mV
  • Current Sink Function
  • Pulse Current Measurement(Pulse width min.: 33μs)
  • Long Integration Current Measurement
  • Built-in DVM Measurement Function
  • Sequence Function(Sequence Power Output)
  • Built-in Battery Simulation Function(CH1)
  • OVP, OCP, OTP & Temperature Display for Heat Sink
  • Support USB(Device & Host)/ GPIB/ LAN
  • Five Groups of Save/ Recall Setting
  • External Relay Control



  • Mobile communications device industry

  • Semiconductor industry

  • Consumer electronics industry

  • Energy storage device industry


  • Pulse current measurement and battery simulation function for blue tooth, wearable device and mobile communications device.

  • High precision low power consumption component applications (e.g Laser Diode, IC)

  • Charge and discharge applications for battery, mobile power pack.

  • 3C electronic product set.