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Keithley 2230G-60-3, 3-Channel Programmable Power Supply


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375W, 60 V, 3A, 5V @ 3A
Series 2230G power supplies provide up to 375 W of power in a compact 2 U high, half-rack wide enclosure. The 2230G-30-6 offers up to 6 A from two channels; the 2230G-60-3 offers up to 60 V from two channels. Adjustable, independent, and isolated channels can test two single voltage devices or a multiple voltage device with one power supply. Combine 30 V channels in series to increase voltage up to 60 V, or connect two or three channels in parallel to output as much as 15 A using the 2230G-30-6.


Key Features:

  • Choose from one 195 W model and two 375 W models
  • 195 W model has two 30 V, 3 A channels and one 5 V,3 A channel
  • 375 W models have two 30 V, 6 A channels or two 60 V, 3 A channels and one 5 V, 3 A channel
  • All channels are independently controlled and are isolated to power a wide range of test setups
  • All channels have remote sensing so the programmed voltage is accurately applied to the load
  • Set and monitor output voltages with 0.03% basic accuracy and 1 mV resolution
  • Monitor load current with 0.1% basic accuracy and 1 mA resolution
  • Low noise, linear regulation with
  • Combine channels in series to output as high as 60 V and in parallel with two or three channels to create capacity as high as 15 A (2230G-30-6)
  • Voltage and current outputs of three channels are displayed simultaneously for immediate observation of each output state
  • USB, GPIB, and RS-232 interfaces and rear panel connections for automated test convenience

Model Total Power Channel 1 and 2 Max V Channel 1 and 2 Max I Channel 3 Max V and I


30 V


5V @ 3A





5V @ 3A





5V @ 3A

Isolated and independent outputs for maximum flexibility

The 2230G power supplies can power circuits that are optically isolated or transformer-isolated from each other and have different reference points. The isolated channels eliminate the need for a second power supply for powering one of the isolated circuits. Additionally, each channel can be independently controlled and turned on or off at any time; control over each individual channel minimizes noise in the circuit.

Keithley Series 2230G power supplies

Remote sensing for maximum output accuracy

Each 2230G channel offers 0.03% basic voltage accuracy and 1 mV resolution setting and measurement, ensuring that the programmed output is accurately applied to the output terminals. Plus, using remote sense leads for each channel compensates for and overcomes voltage drops due to resistances in the test leads, assuring that the programmed voltage is applied to the load.

Keithley Series 2230G power supplies

Automated test convenience

USB, GPIB, and RS-232 interfaces enable complete control of the 2230G power supplies from a PC. LabView and IVI drivers facilitate instrument control, data logging, and analysis. Series 2230G power supplies can be controlled in either a semi-automated or full-automated test system with these drivers or software packages such as MatLab.

Keithley Series 2230G power supplies


Series 2230G power supplies are ideal for testing:

  • High power analog ICs

  • Automotive circuits

  • Telecom infrastructure circuits

  • LED driver circuitry

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