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  • Keithley 6487/E Picoammeter/ Voltage Source

Keithley 6487/E Picoammeter/ Voltage Source


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  • Current: 10fA - 20mA

  • Resistance: 10Ω - 1015Ω

  • Source: 0 – ±500V


Keithley 6487/E Picoammeter/Voltage Source

The 5½-digit Model 6487/E Picoammeter/Voltage Source improves on the measurement capability of the award-winning Model 6485, and adds a high resolution 500V source. It provides higher accuracy and faster rise times than the 6485, as well as a damping function for use with capacitive devices. With eight current measurement ranges and high speed autoranging, this cost effective instrument can measure currents from 20fA to 20mA, take measurements at speeds up to 1000 readings per second, and source voltage from 200µV to 505V.


  • Current resolution as low as 1fA
  • Burden voltage as low as 200μV
  • Dual-channel measurements
  • Choose from 0, 1 or 2 built-in voltage sources
  • Built-in analog outputs
  • Measure currents up to 20mA
  • Up to 1,000 readings per second
  • Built- in Trigger Link interface


Ground Connection Cable - Banana to Screw-Lug Protective Shield/Cap (3 Lug) 
Safety Interlock Plug 
Low Noise Triax Input Cable, 1M 
High-Voltage Banana Cable Set 


  • Resistance/resistivity measurements

  • Beam monitoring and radiation monitoring

  • Leakage current testing in nsulators, switches, relays, and other components

  • Galvanic coupling measurements

  • I-V characterization on semiconductor and optoelectronic devices

  • Fiber alignment

  • Circuit test and analysis in DCLF circuits

  • Sensor characterization

  • Capacitor leakage