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Power and Energy Efficiency

Power and Energy Efficiency

At SJ Electronics we understand evolving requirements and offer power test solutions for design validation, characterization, performance testing and certification.

Today’s efficient power converters demand less input power per watt of output, but they also demand more in terms of power supply measurements. You’ve come to the right place to learn about:

  • Ripple measurement and noise analysis
  • Power factor and harmonics measurements for IEC61000-3-2 pre-compliance
  • Testing to Level VI efficiency standards
  • Standby power testing to IEC62301 Ed.2
  • GaN and SiC FET and diode characterization
  • MOSFET switching loss and safe operating area analysis
  • In-circuit inductor and transformer loss measurements
Test and Measurement Power Measurement Applications

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Power and Energy Efficiency Featured Content

Performing Safe Operating Area Analysis with an Oscilloscope
Performing Safe Operating Area Analysis with an Oscilloscope

Three methods for using an oscilloscope to determine whether a MOSFET or other switching device is operating within its specifications.

Four Key Tests for Validating MOSFET Performance in Power Supply Designs Poster
Four Key Tests for Validating MOSFET Performance in Power Supply Designs Poster

Quick overview of key measurements, from verifying your prototype during initial startup, to optimizing switching loss and magnetic losses, to validating overall performance of the SMPS and getting ready for regulatory compliance.

Level VI Efficiency Standards for External Power Supplies Poster
Level VI Efficiency Standards for External Power Supplies Poster

Use this poster as a handy reference for international efficiency levels III, IV, V, and VI requirements, including minimum efficiency, maximum no-load consumption, and test methods.


The IoT Battery Squeeze

Maximize the battery life of your Internet of Things device.

11 Power Consumption Measurement Techniques

IoT Battery Squeeze Video

Simplify Your Current Voltage Measurements

Go from 4 Instruments to 1 Source Measure Unit

See how a Keithley source measure unit (SMU) tightly integrates a power supply, digital multimeter (DMM), electronic load, and current source.

common DC measurements kits

2612B Dual-channel System SMU


Power Supply Measurement Tips

Power Pulse Blog Series:

Designing a power supply is a complex process. Learn the 10 stages of power supply design following a work flow with tips at each design stage to make your testing more efficient and life a little easier:

Power Semiconductor Device Testing - Applications

From the early stages of design to the point when it’s ready for market, a new power device undergoes a gamut of test and characterization activities, and you face many steps in bringing that device to market, including...

Semiconductor Application Notes

Keithley 2651A

Power Supply Measurement and Analysis - Application Notes

Download and dive into a range of power supply measurement and analysis application notes we have gathered for you...

Test and Measurement Power Measurement Applications

Power Related Videos

Standby Power Measurements to IEC62301 with
the PA1000 Power Analyzer

Learn how to make accurate standby power measurements on electrical equipment. This video shows how an IEC62301 Ed.2 standby power measurement is made.

Efficiency Testing on a Three Phase Motor Drive
with PA3000 Power Analyzer

Seshank Malap from Tektronix demonstrates how to test efficiency on a three phase PWM motor drive, using the Tektronix PA3000 Power Analyzer and PWRVIEW software. The PWM Motor Drive Efficiency Wizard assists with the wiring set up to ensure accurate measurement of all three phase parameters.

Digitizing Capabilities of the 2461 SourceMeter

This video demonstrates the digitizing capabilities of the Keithley 2461 SourceMeter using a high brightness LED.

Using Edge Trigger on Current to Capture a Transient Event of a BLE Low Power Device

Watch this step-by-step demonstration of how to configure the DMM7510 to perform current edge trigger on a BLE, Bluetooth Low Energy, device. The edge trigger is set up for the beeping event.

Source Measure Units (SMU)
Source Measure Units (SMU)

Precisely source voltage or current and simultaneously measure with instruments that integrate the capabilities of a power supply, DMM, current source, and electronic load.

2380 Series DC Electronic Loads
2380 Series DC Electronic Loads

Programmable DC electronic loads, with superior voltage/current resolution and readback accuracy.

Power Analyzers
Power Analyzers

For fast, accurate, complete testing of efficiency, energy consumption, and electrical performance to the latest standards.

MDO4000 Series Oscilloscopes - Power
MDO4000 Series Oscilloscopes

The oscilloscope that includes a logic analyzer, spectrum analyzer and protocol analyzer – all synchronized, for an integrated view. Available with DPO4PWR power supply analysis.

IsoVu Technology Isolated Measurement Systems - Power
IsoVu Technology Isolated Measurement Systems

IsoVu TM technology is the first, and only, measurement system capable of accurately resolving high bandwidth, differential signals, in the presence of large common mode voltage.

MDO3000 Series Oscilloscopes - Power
MDO3000 Series Oscilloscopes

The integrated oscilloscope with six instruments in one. Available with MDO3PWR power supply analysis.

MSO/DPO5000 Series Oscilloscopes
MSO/DPO5000 Series Oscilloscopes

Provides outstanding signal fidelity with advanced analysis capabilities. Available with our most capable power supply analysis software.

Meet the NEW 5 Series MSO >

Arbitrary/Function Generators - Power
Arbitrary/Function Generators

For accurate reproduction of standard waveforms, arbitrary waveform capability and signal impairments.


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