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  1. 10A 1item
  2. 0.5mA~20.0A 1item
  3. 5mA~20.0A 1item
  4. 0.05mA~10.0A 1item
  5. 0~5A 1item
Range Voltage
  1. 500V 1item
  2. 0.5V~600V 1item
Range Voltage (AC)
  1. 600V 1item
  2. 750V 1item
  3. 2V~750V 1item
  4. 60mV ~1000V (True RMS) 1item
  5. 200mV ~750V (True RMS) 1item
  6. 600mV~750V(True RMS) 1item
Range Voltage (DC)
  1. 600V 1item
  2. 1000V 2items
  3. 60mV ~1000V 1item
  4. 200mV ~1000V 2items
  5. 600mV~1000V 1item
View Frequency Range Options
  1. 40Hz~400Hz 1item
  2. 10Hz ~60MHz 1item
  3. 20Hz~1MHz 1item
  4. 60Hz~60MHz 1item
  5. 600Hz~20MHz 1item
  6. 200Hz~10MHz 1item
  7. 3~300 kHz 1item
Bandwidth Options
  1. 100 kHz 4items
  2. 70 MHz 3items
  3. 100 MHz 1item
  4. 200 MHz 2items
  5. 500 MHz 1item
  1. 100 KHz 3items
Number of Channels
  1. 2 4items
  2. 4 4items
Product Series
  1. GW Instek GDM-8000 6items
  2. GW Instek GOM-800 3items
  3. GW Instek GDM-906X 1item
  4. GW Instek LCR-8000G 6items
  5. GW Instek LCR-6000 5items
  6. GW Instek GVT-427B/417B 1item
  7. GW Instek GSP-730 1item
  8. GW Instek GPM 6items
  9. GW Instek GDM-400/300 2items
Max Output Power
  1. 30W 1item
  1. Amprobe
  2. Eisco
  3. Fluke
  4. GW Instek
  5. Keithley
  6. Keysight Technologies
  7. Martindale
  8. Metrix
  9. TTi
  10. UNI-T
  11. Voltcraft
  12. Wayne Kerr
  13. Yokogawa
Trade Approved
  1. Yes 5items


SJ Electronics offers a comprehensive range of meters designed to cater to the diverse needs of professionals and enthusiasts in various industries. With a commitment to delivering high-quality and accurate measuring instruments, our range provides a wide selection of meters that cover a broad range of applications.

The range includes digital multimeters, counter-timers, voltage testers, power meters, and more. These meters are designed to meet specific measurement requirements, such as voltage, current, resistance, frequency, power, and insulation testing.

Whether it's for electrical, electronics, HVAC, automotive, or industrial applications, SJ Electronics ensure that our meters are equipped with advanced features and functionalities to provide accurate and reliable measurements.