Source Measure Units (SMU)

Sourcing Measure Units (SMU)

SJ Electronics offers a comprehensive range of Source Measure Units (SMUs) that provide versatile and precise solutions for electrical characterisation and testing. The SMUs combine the capabilities of a power supply, current source, voltage source, and current measurement device into a single instrument.

SJ Electronics' range of SMUs is designed to deliver highly accurate and stable output, making them suitable for a wide range of applications including semiconductor testing, device characterisation, and research. These SMUs offer adjustable voltage and current settings, enabling users to accurately control and measure electrical parameters.

With advanced features such as multiple channels, programmable functions, and built-in measurement capabilities, SJ Electronics' SMUs offer flexibility and convenience for complex testing scenarios. They are built with high-quality components and provide excellent measurement accuracy, low noise, and high resolution.

Whether it's for component testing, circuit validation, or scientific research, SJ Electronics' range of SMUs offers the precision, versatility, and performance needed for accurate and comprehensive electrical characterisation.

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  1. Keysight U2722A USB Modular Source Measure Unit
    Keysight U2722A USB Modular Source Measure Unit

    The U2722A USB Modular Source Measure Unit is a 3-channel 20V/120mA that can operate in a 4-quadrant operation. The channels could be connected in series or in parallel to achieve up to 60 V/360 mA. It uses the common non-proprietary standard high-speed USB 2.0 interface that provides ease of connectivity ─ allowing users to set up and configure their tests swiftly with its plug and play feature.

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