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Spectrum Management/Interference Hunting Applications

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Spectrum Management and Interference Hunting

Spectrum Management/Interference Hunting

Interference has long been accepted as a part of operating a radio system. In the case of cellular networks, interference is actually part of the network. With even more devices and networks, new tools and knowledge are needed to measure new interferers and signal types. Learn more about these signals, the challenges in measuring them, and the solutions that make those measurements fast and easy.

Interference Hunters, rejoice. The new Tektronix RSA Spectrum Analyzers deliver the performance you need to find RF interference faster.

The full featured spectrum analyzers you need, in one small, low price package

Tektronix Spectrum Management/Interference Hunting Applications
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Spectrum Management
Fast RF analysis and geo-location for spectrum management and interference hunting.
  • Quickly discover co-channel interference and transients with DPX
  • Fast-forward your workflow with mapping, signal database, and interference hunting options
  • Record live signals for playback and analysis

Tektronix RSA306B


The NEW RSA306B USB Spectrum Analyzer

Tektronix RSA500 Series


The NEW RSA500 Series Spectrum Analyzer

Tektronix RSA600 Series


The NEW RSA600 Series Spectrum Analyzer

Tektronix Debug App Note
Debug Digital/Analog/RF System Problems of IoT Devices

Traditionally radio devices for most applications would have been designed by highly experienced RF design engineers. For some applications that is still the case. However...

Tektronix e-Guide Signals
E-Guide to RF Signals

Navigate the RF spectrum and gain insight into the signals around you. This piece contains detailed examples with brief movies of the signals, their measurements, audio recording of demodulated FM, and much more.

Tektronix Radio Links
Trouble-shooting Radio Links in Unlicensed Frequency Bands

Over the past decade there has been a dramatic increase in the population of wireless transmitters found in the world. The “Internet of Things” has fueled demand for low cost, easy to implement chipsets to enable wireless connectivity. Engineers today have a variety of wireless solutions to choose from such as Bluetooth, ZigBee and all the flavors of WiFi (802.11).

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