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Tektronix MCA3040 Microwave/Counter Analyzer & Power Meter


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With industry-leading frequency and time resolution, the MCA Series comes standard with internal memory, a fast data transfer rate of 250k Samples/s to memory, and an integrated power meter. The multi-parameter display shows auxiliary measurements alongside your main measurement to provide you with the results you need at a glance. With the industry’s most comprehensive analysis modes, including measurement statistics, histograms, and trend plots, you have the tools you need to quickly and accurately analyze your signal.

Microwave/Counter/Analyzer & Integrated Power Meter

Key Performance Specifications:

  • 40 GHz Model
  • Microwave Analyzer Channel with CW or Burst
  • Two 300 MHz General-purpose Channels
  • -35 dBm to +10 dBm Power Range
  • 100 ps Single-shot Time Resolution
  • 12 Digit/s Frequency Resolution, 14 Digit Display
  • 25 ms (Auto) or Zero (Manual) Acquisition Time
  • 3 mV Voltage Resolution
  • Optional 1.5×10 8 Ultra High-stability Oven Time Base