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Be part of an industry-leading movement by capturing analogue, digital and RF signals on one scope. Best of all, do it by saving up to £3260


For a limited time, we’re giving you the chance to receive free bandwidth upgrades when you purchase a model from the Tektronix MDO3000 and MDO4000C series.

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Tektronix MDO3000 Mixed Domain Oscilloscope

From £2880

A powerful scope is only the start

  • Models 100MHz to 1GHz, 16 digital channels and 3 GHz spectrum analysis
  • Award-winning oscilloscope with 125 trigger combinations
  • 10 Mpoint record length with Wave Inspector® controls
  • Add instruments and functionality as your testing needs evolve

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Tektronix MDO4000C Mixed Domain Oscilloscope

From £5910

Gain unprecedented insight into your design

  • Models 200MHz to 1GHz, 16 digital channels and 6 GHz spectrum analysis
  • Integrated triggered acquisition system - over 125 trigger combinations in the time AND frequency domains
  • 20 Mpoint record length with Wave Inspector® controls
  • True spectrum analyser hardware enables real spectrum analysis

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