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Tektronix 5-DJA 5 Series MSO Advanced Jitter Analysis Application


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5 Series MSO Advanced Jitter Analysis Application

5 Series MSO Advanced Jitter Analysis Application

Based on the industry-standard Tektronix DPOJET eye-diagram, jitter, noise, and timing analysis package, the 5-DJA Advanced Jitter and Eye Diagram Analysis option provides the highest sensitivity and accuracy available in real-time instruments. Unlike competitive jitter analysis applications, option 5-DJA integrates the comprehensive jitter and eye-diagram analysis with the user interface of the 5 Series MSO's automatic measurement system. The 5-DJA measurements, measurement plots, and advanced jitter decomposition algorithms simplify discovering signal integrity concerns and jitter and their related sources in today's high-speed serial, digital, and communication system designs.

Key standard measurement features of the 5 Series MSO

The 5 Series MSO provides many automatic measurements standard on the Standard tab in the ADD MEASUREMENTS configuration menu:

  • Basic timing parametric measurements such as period, frequency, rise/fall times, pulse width, and duty cycle
  • Time Interval Error (TIE)
  • Phase Noise
  • Many graphical tools such as Histograms, Time Trends, and Spectrums
  • Programmable software clock recovery including software PLL 1
  • Selectable high- and low-limit measurement bounds

1Patented USPTO #6,812,688 

Key features of Jitter Analysis (option 5-DJA)

Option 5-DJA adds the following measurements and capabilities on the Jitter tab in the ADD MEASUREMENTS configuration menu:

  • Jitter and Timing Analysis for analog and digital clock and data signals
  • Real-time Eye-diagram (RT-Eye®) Analysis 1
  • Automatic bit rate and pattern length detection eases measurement configuration
  • Selectable high- and low-pass measurement filters
  • Multiple plot types to view and analyze jitter: Time Trend, Eye Diagram, Histogram, Spectrum, Bathtub Curve, and SSC Profile
  • Accurate jitter analysis using the spectral and Q-scale methods for detailed decomposition of jitter components, including the extraction of industry-standard dual-Dirac model parameters
  • Jitter separation algorithms accurately measure the effects of bounded uncorrelated jitter (BUJ) which enables precise TJ measurements

1Patented USPTO #6,836,738 

  • Quantify signal amplitude and timing parameters and margins
  • Debug complex embedded systems
  • Characterize performance of high-speed serial and parallel bus designs
  • Characterize clock and data jitter/noise and signal integrity
  • Characterize PLL dynamic performance
  • Characterize modulation of spread spectrum clock circuits
  • Characterize jitter generation, transfer, and tolerance

Jitter and eye-diagram measurements

The Advanced Jitter and Eye-diagram Analysis tools extend the capability of Tektronix 5 Series MSO real-time oscilloscopes, performing complex measurements and analysis of clock, serial, and parallel data signals captured in continuous or single-shot acquisition modes. The jitter and eye-diagram analysis measurements can be made on any of the analog FlexChannel® inputs, any active math waveforms, or any active reference waveforms.

Advanced Jitter and Eye-diagram Analysis is integrated into the 5 Series MSO automatic measurement system, allowing essentially unlimited combinations of standard and jitter measurements to be enabled and displayed. Within the Add New Measure configuration menu, the standard amplitude and timing measurements are on the Standard tab and the jitter measurements are on the Jitter tab.

Jitter measurements configuration menu.