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Tektronix TTR503A Vector Network Analyzer


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  • Frequency Range: 100 KHz - 3GHz

  • Ports: Two ports, type-N female connectors

  • Dynamic Range: >122 dB


Tektronix TTR503A Vector Network Analyzer

  • Frequency Range: 100 KHz - 3GHz
  • Ports: Two ports, type-N female connectors
  • Dynamic Range: >122 dB

Legendary support and quality meet ease-of-use and affordability. The Tektronix TTR500 Series 2-port, 2-path vector network analyzer is Tek's latest breakthrough – an unmatched combination of measurement performance and convenience at 40% lower price than leading benchtop alternatives! Get the power to make everyday measurements with the accuracy and confidence you expect from Tektronix, without breaking your budget.

Key features:

  • Full 2-port 2-path S-parameter measurement (S11, S21, S12, S22) in a variety of formats.
  • Complete vector network analysis capability with Tektronix VectorVu-PC™ software.
  • Built-in bias tee accessible on both ports to bias active devices.
  • Application programming interface (API) for Microsoft Windows environment and LabView driver.
  • Robust SCPI command interface (compatible with current VNA models) to optimize code migration.
  • Touchstone file support (import/export) for use with Electronic Design Automation (EDA) simulation tools.
  • Offline simulation mode for analysis of S-parameter files when disconnected from the instrument.
  • Industry-leading three year warranty.

  • Antenna matching and tuning

  • RF component design and validation

  • Education

RF Component Troubleshooting and Design Validation

Those who design, build, and manufacture RF components such as filters, cables, mixers, connectors, antennas, amplifiers and attenuators, need a powerful VNA to validate and troubleshoot to highly precise specifications. The TTR500 VNA is capable of fully characterizing the performance of both passive and active RF components up to 6 GHz, with more than 122 dB of dynamic range.


  • 100 kHz to 3/6 GHz frequency range

  • More than 122 dB dynamic range

  • Measure both passive and active components

  • Built-in bias tee included standard

Antenna Matching and Tuning

Minimize costly signal reflections by testing for impedance mismatches or discontinuities in your system. The TTR500 VNA is capable of measuring all four 2-port 2-path S-parameters in SWR, and complex impedance format. With its recognizable user interface, you can easily click, drag, couple, or decouple markers to smith charts or other traces, for easily analyzing measurements.


  • Measure full 2-port S-parameters in SWR and impedance formats

  • Smith chart markers in impedance, admittance, phase, real, imaginary

  • Click, drag, couple or decouple markers for analyzing measurments

Ideal for Education

Don’t let the small form-factor fool you. Designed with a robust, industry-standard user interface, more than 122 dB dynamic range, and up to 6 GHz frequency range, the TTR500 VNA is the perfect instrument for preparing the next class of engineers. And with its extremely affordable price, more students can have hands-on time with a real-world instrument.


  • Full suite of 2-port 2-path VNA capabilities

  • Industry-standard and recognizable user interface

  • Import/export S-parameters in Touchstone (sNp.) file format

  • An offline mode well suited for out-of-lab assignments