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Vermason Jewel® Workstation Continuous Mini Monitor (Discontinued)

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222603 (Discontinued) Features • NEW Improved Banana Jack • Creates a more consistent connection and helps to prevent accidental disconnects with operator’s wrist strap banana plug. • Small size - 70mm x 53mm. Takes up minimal worksurface area. • Two 10mm studs installed on bottom of unit. Permanently snap monitor flush on mat. • Two 10mm push and clinch sockets included. Easy installation on mat - no added wires. • Power Adaptor, 24 VAC • Stand-by 4mm and 10mm parking snap. Keeps unit from going into alarm when user disconnects cord. • Real-time monitoring of ESD workstation including wrist strap, mat, and cords. Pays for itself - ensures ESD protected workstation, reducing catastrophic and latent defects. • Utilizes reliable wave distortion technology. Provides true 100% continuous monitoring. Cannot be fooled; no false alarms. Not pulsed current which is off over 90% of the time. • Can be used with any brand of single-wire wrist strap and cord. With less expensive, more durable single-wire components, life-cycle costs of monitor/wirst strap/cord are up to 66% lower than dual-wire approach. • Miniscule electrical current required to generate waveform. No reported case of skin irritation. • Designed for use by 1.5m tall 40.8kg person to 1.83m 113.8kg person. Individual adjustment for each operator is almost never necessary. • Provided with calibration to European standards. Simple means to assure accurate performance. Lower calibration life cycle costs. • Convertor included. Converts a 4mm banana jack to a 10mm stud • To see in-use picture of Vermason’s Workstation Continuous Mini Monitor, click here • Made in the United States of America Superior Quality