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  • Vermason Multi-Mount Continuous Monitor, 220VAC (Discontinued)

Vermason Multi-Mount Continuous Monitor, 220VAC (Discontinued)

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222608 (Discontinued) Features • Single Station Continuous Monitors for Operator And ESD Working surface Continuously monitors the grounding integrity of one operator and ESD workstation, eliminating the need for periodic testing and recording. Ideal for workstations for assembly, test, packaging or other applications • NEW Improved Banana Jack Creates a more consistent connection and helps to prevent accidental disconnects with operator’s wrist strap • Designed for use with a Single Wire Wrist Strap • Working surface Monitoring May Be Disable Flexibility for work areas where an ESD working surface is not used such as the operator of an SMT machine or oven • Replaces Item 222605 • Power Cords must be ordered separately UK Power Cord: 200225, Euro Power Cord: 200220 • Made in the United States of America