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  • Vermason Reztore® ESD Surface & Mat Cleaner, 1L Spray (Discontinued)

Vermason Reztore® ESD Surface & Mat Cleaner, 1L Spray (Discontinued)

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229021 (Discontinued) Features • Size 1l bottle • Static dissipative solution: 1 x 106 to < 1 x 109 ohms Removes contaminants; cleans and restores ESD mats • Does not contain silicone Cleaners with silicone leave an insulative layer preventing conductive or dissipative mats from functioning properly • Leaves no insulative residue Will not degrade surface's ability to drain charges • Reztore™ special formula will not dry out mats. Prolonged use of straight or diluted alcohol will damage mats. Reztore™ will optimize life expectancy, electrical performance keeping mats low charging and pliable. • Low volatility • Lead-free RoHS compliant • Made in the United States of America